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November 20, 2015

What happens when you put an amazing actress and her equally incredible daughter in front of a fun backdrop and dress them up for their Christmas portraits?  Christmas porttrait Magic!!!

Mykle is a longtime friend of mine and a successful actress in Houston.  We have been friends for almost 20 years and traveled around the world together!  I love hanging out with her and this shoot was just so much fun!!  Even though it is from last year, I just had to share it because there are so many good ones that I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post just to them!

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August 5, 2014

This beautiful mama had her baby last week, so I thought it would be fitting her highlight her gorgeous pregnancy shoot this week! We shot this at her home in Los Angeles and, of course, it was a beautiful day!



June 27, 2014

This past week, I was lucky enough to get to travel to Los Angeles for a photo shoot.  First of all, it was to my former home of LA and second, it was to photograph my dear friend and her growing family (and belly!)  Not only is she a wonderful friend and person, but she is a Tony, Golden Globe, and Emmy nominated actress, Mireille Enos.  I’m so proud of her and had so much fun doing our photo shoot!


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Next up: Our maternity session…  Stay tuned!!


May 8, 2014




May 8, 2014

I love big families and working with them!  This family was so easy going and it was clear how much they all loved to have fun and be with each other.  guard35web






May 8, 2014


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January 18, 2013

To celebrate my 4th year in the photography business I am finally getting a blog!


I’ll tell you now, I’m a much better photographer than I am a writer!  I type too fast and skip capitals and puncuation all the time, but I will put lots of photos in here!

I want to start by genuinely saying a big,


to all of my wonderful clients in 2012!  It was a big year for my business and I really appreciate all of the moments I got to share withevery family and every actor!


For anyone who may not know me, I take picures. Artistic, bright, colorful, full of light, photojournalistic photos!  My portraits are primarily natural light.  My headshots use a little of both (studio and natural!)  My goal is to capture the “moments” not just the smiles…although I get quite a bit of those!


So to say “thank you,”  I thought I would include a few of my favorites!  There are so many, I will have to make this a week long project!  So here is day 1:


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